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The 1916 Texas hurricane was an intense and quick-moving tropical cyclone that caused widespread damage in Jamaica and South Texas in August 1916. A Category 4 hurricane upon landfall in Texas, it was the strongest tropical cyclone to strike the United States in three decades. Throughout its eight-day trek across the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Texas, the hurricane caused 37 fatalities and inflicted $11.8 million in damage. Becoming a small tropical storm by August 12, it skirted the southern coast of Jamaica as a hurricane on August 15, killing 17 people and causing extensive damage to crops and buildings. The storm then moved into the Gulf of Mexico and intensified into the equivalent of a major hurricane on the modern-day Saffir–Simpson scale. On the evening of August 18, it struck South Texas near Baffin Bay with winds of 130 mph (215 km/h). The storm's evolution has been inferred from scant historical weather data analyzed by the Atlantic hurricane reanalysis project in 2008. (Full article...)
In the news Gabriel Boric in 2018 Gabriel Boric Gabriel Boric (pictured), leader of Apruebo Dignidad, is elected President of Chile. Typhoon Rai results in at least 390 deaths in the Philippines. A building fire in Osaka, Japan, kills 25 people. Siaosi Sovaleni is elected as prime minister by the Legislative Assembly of Tonga. A fuel tanker truck explodes in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, killing at least 90 people. Ongoing: COVID-19 pandemic Recent deaths: Kimera BarteeDrakeo the RulerMyrna ManzanaresRobert H. GrubbsRichard RogersDoug Ericksen Nominate an article On this day December 23: Night of the Radishes in Oaxaca City, Mexico; Festivus Preserved specimen of a coelacanth Preserved specimen of a coelacanth 583 – Yohl Ikʼnal acceded to the throne of the Maya city-state of Palenque. 1793 – French Revolution: A Royalist counter-revolutionary army was decisively defeated at the Battle of Savenay, although fighting continued in the War in the Vendée for years afterward. 1938 – The first living specimen of a coelacanth (example pictured), long believed to be extinct, was discovered in a South African fisherman's catch. 1984 – An engine fire caused Aeroflot Flight 3519 to crash shortly after takeoff from Krasnoyarsk, USSR, killing all but one of the 111 people on board. 2008 – The Guinean military engineered a coup d'état, announcing that it planned to rule the country for two years prior to a new presidential election. Dost Mohammad Khan (b. 1793)
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